Who We Serve

We work closely with individuals, business owners, company retirement plans, employer/employee retirement plans, and endowments and nonprofits.  Our clients expect and deserve a trusted wealth management team who puts their interests and goals first and foremost – that’s why it’s part of our commitment to bring value and personalized attention to every client relationship. 
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Helping you manage your financial life, from fulfilling service requests, to establishing long-term strategies designed for an effective transition from working to retiring, to working with your family and supporting your community, and more

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Business Owners

Supporting a full range of services, including SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, 401(k), Profit Sharing, and Defined Benefit Plans, and more

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Group and Employer Retirement Plans

Assisting you in designing a retirement plan that helps to maximize the benefits for both your business and your employees, including employee outcomes, plan compliance, and fees and investments

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Gaining a deep understanding of your overall financial situation, addressing cash flow, asset management, legacy planning, philanthropy goals, and tax planning needs

Periodic Evaluation and Review

Our baseline schedule consists of evaluating and rebalancing our clients’ portfolios, as needed, on a quarterly basis to ensure you are still on track toward your goals.  This can be an in-person meeting, phone call, e-mail, or Zoom.  We will often meet with clients more frequently than this, depending on their situation or life events that may come up.

Rebalancing may have tax consequences, which clients should discuss with their tax advisor.